5 Proven Tips for Finding the Right Gynecologist

5 Proven Tips for Finding the Right Gynecologist

Reproductive health is a sensitive area that nobody likes to talk about. While childbirth and delivery are assumed to be common, there are many things that only a gynecologist can understand. Gynecologists can treat girls and women at any age. The ACOG recommends young girls to make their first visit to a gynecologist from ages 13 to 15.

At that tender age, gynecologists can identify areas with complications and correct them early enough. Pregnant women need gynecological care services more than teens due to the difficulties that come with pregnancy. If you don’t have one, the tips below will lead you to the best gynecologist in San Tan Valley.


While the discipline is dedicated to women’s health, the profession is not limited to women. If anything, men can be great gynecological care service providers. Whichever the case, choose a gender you are comfortable with. Gynecologists are professionals, and gender doesn’t play a huge role. However, you will have to pick one and build your trust in them.

When doing it for your young girls, take some time, and talk to them because 13 and 15 are adolescent ages meaning young girls will be gender-sensitive. In such cases, a young female gynecologist could be appropriate.

Look for Referrals and Reviews

Clients rate service providers depending on the quality of services provided. In the case of an obstetrician, women will be open enough to talk about their experiences over the internet. Follow such reviews keenly and use them to validate or invalidate a gynecological care specialist.

At the same time, talk to your female friends and relatives. These people will give you the best recommendations. Do not make a decision based on the proposals but instead do some independent investigation.

Identifying the right gynecologist for you takes more than just referrals. These are people who should be ready to accommodate you. Pregnancy is a journey with many problems that call for a close relationship between you and your gynecologist.

Experience Matters

Although there is a need to promote young graduates in the field, prenatal support and education should be left out of the equation. Midwife services have to be left to the experienced gynecologists.

Experienced doctors can effectively handle a high-risk pregnancy because they have handled such cases before making them the right choice for you. Additionally, these same doctors have areas of specialization and can recommend the best gynecological care alternatives.

Double-Check Your Insurance

Although prenatal care services are publicized as free, there is a cost attached to them. The free services have a high demand that ends up compromising the quality of care. To be on the safe side, you will need a personal doctor who will see you throughout the pregnancy.

The first move should be to check if your insurance provider can cover these extra medical expenses. If so, which hospitals are recommended? With such information, you will understand whether your prenatal care expenses are a personal expenditure or the bills will be footed by your insurance.

Quality of Services and Time Spent

Your first visit to a gynecologist can as well be the last depending on the quality of services. Some specialists may be motivated by greed to the extent of rushing through clients without considering the delicate details.

Visiting a gynecologist for the first time doesn’t mean that you have found the right one. If the gynecological care services provided do not meet your expectations, look for a reliable provider. Do not be tempted by low prices, if the quality of services is compromised.

Doctors motivated by greed will hardly spend five minutes on one patient. This rush compromises the integrity of the profession and may lead to maternal health issues.

Even if you have to spend those five minutes in there, let the conversation be meaningful. Use that first visit to rate your gynecologist and decide whether they are worth your entire nine months period.

Final Word

Identifying a gynecologist is a simple yet complicated process. Everything, including that final decision, lies in your hands as the client. Use this power to determine the best ob-gyn to support you during pregnancy. Contact us today for more information on prenatal care, San Tan Valley.