Steps to Take When Prepping For Your Pregnancy

Steps to Take When Prepping For Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable times of your life. However, this doesn’t mean that every step of the way will be filled with rainbows and sunshine. A lot of preparation goes into the big day — your baby’s birth. If this is your first pregnancy, here’s what you must do to have a healthy and exciting time these next nine months.

Make an Appointment With Your OBGYN

You’ve been staring at that perfect little plus sign on your pregnancy test… so what now?

Take some time to tell your partner and soak in this life-changing news. Once you’ve taken a few days to process that you’ll soon be a parent, make an appointment with your OBGYN. They’ll be able to take an ultrasound and help outline the next nine months for you. Be sure to bring your parent, partner, spouse, or closest friend along with you to your appointment.

Decide Whether You’ll Be Working With a Midwife

Visit a midwifery in your area if you’re interested in working with a skilled person who knows everything there is to know about birthing and babies. Midwifery services can include:

  • helping you prepare for labor and birth
  • checking on your baby’s developmental milestones throughout the pregnancy
  • offering other forms of support during this stressful and transformative time

Learn More About Prenatal Care

There are various ways you can implement prenatal care into your daily life. For starters, take some prenatal vitamins. These are rich in folic acid, which is crucial when you’re growing a baby.

To implement other forms of prenatal care, you can also:

  • Do some prenatal yoga every morning and every night
  • Ensure you’re getting enough rest every night (you can go to bed a bit earlier if you’re finding it difficult to fall asleep)
  • Cut down on certain foods like alcohol, caffeine, and seafood and opt for veggies and fruits rich in fiber instead

Decorate the Nursury

They call this part of your pregnancy the “nesting” stage. You’ll want to pick out curtains, buy a crib, and install cameras to keep an eye on your little miracle.

Buy Your Baby’s Clothes

This may be one of the most enjoyable parts of your pregnancy. Planning baby outfits will get you even more excited about meeting your future baby boy or girl! Here are some guidelines to help you pick out the best outfits.

  • Plan ahead and buy clothes for every season.
  • If you need to save money, you can always find gently used baby clothes at thrift and consignment shops. Wash them with a gentle detergent before your child arrives.
  • Don’t shop too much, as your baby will grow so fast they might outgrow several outfits within a few months. You’ll also get some clothes at your baby shower, in many cases.

Visit a Parent Support Group

Going to the best OBGYN in your area can help you feel calmer about your delivery. But what about afterward, when you get to bring that baby home from the hospital with you?

While many people like to dwell on the aspect of giving birth, make sure you’re also prepared for what comes after. Visit a parenting support group if you need to learn more about the basics, such as breastfeeding or changing a diaper.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag can feel intimidating for new moms. You may be wracking your brain: what’s necessary and what can be left at home? Print out a list, so you’re prepared when those contractions kick in!

Final Words

If you’re currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant, ensure you’re doing everything you can for prenatal care — for both you and your growing bundle of joy!