Top 10 Pregnancy Apps Every New Mom Needs

Top 10 Pregnancy Apps Every New Mom Needs

So, you’re pregnant – yay! Congratulations, new momma! If it’s your first time, you may have a lot of questions about what’s happening to your body throughout your pregnancy. It’s a big change, mentally and physically, and your hormones can cause some strange things to happen. Luckily, this is 2018 and there are apps for everything on your smartphone. Here are 10 pregnancy apps that we love when it comes to tracking your body’s changes.

10 Pregnancy Apps to Help You Understand Your Growing Baby (and Body!)

1. Expectful Pregnancy

The Expectful app is perfect for stressed out expectant mothers – it reminds you to meditate, breathe, and take a moment to just “be”. It’s also a great app for those who are trying to conceive. Take a breather, relax, and let your body do its thing. It will all be okay!

2. Glow Nurture

The Glow Nurture pregnancy app allows you to research your symptoms, connect with other mothers-to-be who share your due date, and track your pregnancy appointments.

3. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

Hello Belly may be the cutest pregnancy app on the market today! And who couldn’t use a little extra cuteness when you’re hormonal and not feeling yourself? This app provides fun and entertaining tips from experts, as well as weekly information about your body, yoga for moms, and womb visualizations.

4. WebMD Pregnancy

Now your favorite go-to Google search for health questions has a pregnancy-specific app! This app offers an appointment tracker, a symptom tracker, a place to make notes/questions for your next doctor’s visit, and a contraction and kick counter. You’ll feel well-informed and super-prepared at every stage.

5. The Bump

If you used The Knot or The Nest for your wedding-planning or home-making needs, then you’ll love The Bump! Made by the same creators, The Bump is not only cute, but it tracks your baby’s growth and offers you lots of informative articles and recipes you’ll actually use.

6. 50,000 Baby Names

Okay, so this app has nothing to do with health, but part of the fun of pregnancy is coming up with a name! 50,000 Baby Names helps inspire you when it comes to name choices and you can even get your friends and family involved. Friends and family can see your lists and add suggestions of their own. When it comes to choosing a perfect name for your baby, sometimes crowdsourcing is the way to go!

7. Ovia

The Ovia pregnancy app helps bring the focus back to you. As an expectant mother, a lot of attention can be directed towards the future – the new baby, what the new baby will need, etc. However, during these crucial 40 weeks, your health and well-being should also be a priority.

8. What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

This super popular app helps you to track and figure out exactly how big your baby is during your pregnancy. Instead of giving you exact measurements that can be hard to visualize, this app uses comparisons from real life. For example, the app tells you when your unborn baby is about the size of a plum! That’s easy enough to picture. Thanks, app.

9. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + can help you track your weight gain, your baby’s kicks, and your baby’s size with a super sleek interface. This is probably the closest you could get to seeing what your baby looks like at every stage in your pregnancy, short of having an ultrasound every day.

10. Sprout Pregnancy

This app proves how far the world has come technology-wise. Sprout pregnancy offers testimonials from women and doctors as well as a really cool 3D model of how your baby probably looks during development. Say hello to the future.

However, pregnancy apps don’t replace doctor visits.

While pregnancy apps on your phone can be super helpful (and teach you a lot!) they should not act as replacements for actual visits to the doctor. In order to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy, keep up with your appointments so your doctor can examine you and your growing baby. Not only will they make sure everything looks normal, but they can also answer questions or make other health recommendations.

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