Endometrial Ablation and Sterlization (In-Office)

Endometrial Ablation This procedure removes the inner lining of the uterus and is usually performed to combat heavy periods or any discomfort associated with menstruation. This procedure can be safely performed in the office allowing you to return to work the next day. Sterilization In office sterilization is a procedure requiring no incisions as implants…

Ultrasound (In-Office)

My OBGyne is proud to offer in-office ultrasounds performed by highly skilled and accredited practitioners with years of experience employing the latest technology and equipment in the field. This technology can be applied to gynecology, obstetrics, or reproductive medicine and can make it easy for parents to see their baby for the first time.

Gynecological Care

My OBGyne is committed to making it easier for women to be and stay healthy through every stage of your life. We offer a wide variety of gynecologic programs and services specifically designed to meet your health and wellness needs.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are suffering from a hormone imbalance, return your life back to normal with hormone replacement therapy. My OBGyne offers hormone replacement therapy that will: Match your natural hormones and restore them to the proper levels Be customized individually to your body Measure results utilizing the lowest dosage of hormones required to restore balance

Laboratory (On-Site)

My OBGyne wants to ensure that medical care is as convenient as possible for you by offering an on-site laboratory. Our on-site laboratory allows us to quickly schedule appointments and receive test results to be able to offer recommendations and treatment plans that may be necessary.

Free Pregnancy Testing

Wondering if you are pregnant? My OBGyne offers free and confidential pregnancy testing.

Non-Invasive Surgical Procedures

With advanced training, skill and knowledge, the physicians at My OBGyne utilizes the latest advances in non-invasive surgical procedures. Da Vinci Procedure A less invasive surgical treatment option is available for you at My OBGyne. The state-of-the-art Da Vinci Surgical System is designed to help your surgeon perform a more precise, less invasive procedure. The…

Routine Well-Woman Check-Ups and Exams

My OBGyne’s uniquely qualified physicians are dedicated to providing women with their best choice for routine check-ups and exams. Our general gynecology programs focus on routine preventative including Pap smears, breast exams, mammography, contraceptive counseling and other gynecologic screenings. My OBGyne specializes in caring for you throughout every stage of your life.

Free Prenatal, Post Partum and Parenting Support & Education

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents but can also be a time full of worries and uncertainty. For any of your questions or concerns, My OBGyne offers: Parenting support & education Help you at each stage of your pregnancy Postpartum support and education Free prenatal support and education

Contraceptive Advice

My OBGyne will describe to you the options that might best fit your contraception needs. We offer several different contraception choices for our patients which include temporary and permanent options.

Teen and Pre-Teen Education

We believe that patient education improves health. At My OBGyne, we understand that puberty can be a challenging transition in teen’s and pre-teen’s lives. We are dedicated to providing education and quality care to all of our teen and pre-teen patients. At their next office visit, your child may discuss any of the below topics…

Family Planning Preparation

My OBGyne offers our patients a full range of family planning care and preparation to help guide you on this new journey. Our wonderful team is here to ensure that all of your needs are met before, during and after your pregnancy. Whether or not you are ready to start a family, we can ensure…


Having a baby is an exciting time for parents but can also be a time full of worries and uncertainty regarding pregnancy, labor, and delivery. For that reason we’ve expanded our OBGyn services to include Midwifery. When you choose our Board Certified Nurse Midwife, you can expect: Help throughout each stage of your pregnancy Prenatal…