4 Ways to Survive Your Summer Pregnancy in Arizona

4 Ways to Survive Your Summer Pregnancy in Arizona

Arizona summers are brutal.  But when you’re pregnant and summer strikes, it can be extra difficult.  A summer pregnancy is no picnic—hello sweating and swelling under the scorching sun.  And if the sun wasn’t hot enough to make you sweat, your pregnancy hormone progesterone is kicked into overdrive causing your body temp to rise higher than it was pre-pregnancy.  

While it’s true that a summer pregnancy isn’t always easy, don’t lose your cool.  We’ve got a few tricks to ease your hot-weather woes.  

Cool Off With 4 Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Even if you are wanting to get that golden glow, resist the urge to spend too much time in the sun.  When pregnant, you’re more prone to sunburn and overheating thanks to good ole’ hormonal influences.  Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside and try to do errands in the morning or evening.  Don’t ignore your skin this summer!  Give your best face this year by trying 8 of the best skincare rules for beautiful skin from My OBGyne.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

Water is a mama-to-be’s best friend.  You can never drink too much water.  During the summer, you’ll sweat out a great portion of the fluids you take in.  When you’re pregnant, you have an even greater chance of sweating out even more liquids, so drink up!  Purchase a reusable water bottle to help keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day.  Or try infusing your water with hydrating fruits or vegetables like cucumbers and watermelon.  The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel!  

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Take a Dip

A summer pregnancy and a pool go hand-in-hand!  Taking a dip will not only lower your body temp, but floating in the water will help lower the stress on your squished organs, pressured joints or achy muscles.  You can also do some low-impact workouts while in the pool!  Here’s a great swimming workout from fit Pregnancy to help you stay healthy this summer!

Dress Right

Keep your clothes light, breathable, flowy and comfortable to lower your body temperature and swelling.  Light and loose fitting clothing can also prevent sweat and discomfort.  If you’re going to be in the sun, wear a cute floppy hat to protect you from the sun.  What to Expect shared 8 wardrobe staples for a summer pregnancy.  

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