5 Benefits of Regular OBGYN Visits

You don’t need to feel unwell to visit an obstetrician. Gynecologists encourage women of all ages to come in for regular checkups, even if they feel perfectly healthy. According to ACOG, the appropriate time to start visiting a gynecologist is from the age of 13 to 15 years. Others advise waiting until a woman is sexually active or has begun to menstruate. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual and her doctor to decide when the time is right for a visit. Here are five benefits of regular obstetrician visits:

Prompt Detection of Health Issues and Finding a Remedy

It is advisable to visit an OBGYN regularly to detect health complications early. Regular visits help your doctor keep track of your health, including any potential issues that may arise. Early detection can often lead to easier and more successful treatment. For example, regular obstetrician visits can help screen for cervical cancer. The Pap smear test, performed during an OBGYN visit, can detect precancerous cells on the cervix. These cells can be eliminated before turning into cancer.

Screenings and Vaccinations

Screening and vaccinations help protect women from developing certain cancers and other diseases. For instance, the HPV vaccine protects women from cervical cancer. OBGYN visits are an excellent time for women to get vaccinated against HPV and other diseases.

Sexual Health

Many women feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual health with their obstetricians. However, obstetricians are professionals who are used to dealing with sensitive issues. They can provide valuable information and advice about sex and sexuality. Your obstetrician can help you stay healthy and safe during sex. They can also provide advice on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

Reproductive Planning

Another benefit of regular obstetrician visits is that women can get information about reproductive planning. OBGYNs can provide advice and information about pregnancy, childbirth, and contraception. They can also help women plan their pregnancies if desired.

If you have plans of getting pregnant, don’t shy off sharing them with your obstetrician. They can help you create a healthy pregnancy plan and provide information about how to reduce your risk of complications.

Mental Health Support

Many women find that obstetricians provide valuable support for mental health. During regular obstetrician visits, women can discuss any mental health concerns they may have. Your obstetrician can give you tips and resources, and link you with mental health experts to help you deal with mental health issues.

Regularly visiting your obstetrician comes with several benefits. OBGYNs can help you detect health problems early, screen for cancer and other diseases, provide sexual health information and advice, help with reproductive planning, and offer mental health support. If you have any concerns about your health or well-being, be sure to discuss them during your next obstetrician visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.