Everything to Know About Midwifery

Everything to Know About Midwifery

Today, women want to experience a healthy and natural birth. As a result, there is a spike in demand for midwifery services, with 7.8% of all American children born in hospitals having been delivered by a midwife. However, many do not understand the role of midwifes and what they do. This article will discuss the basics of working with a midwife.

A Midwife Can Produce Similarly Great Results as an Obstetrician

Like an obstetrician, midwives can tackle pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum health, and newborn care. Whether a pregnancy is low-risk or not, it is a personal choice to utilize midwifery or go to an OBGYN. Birth outcomes are often similar for midwifery and obstetrician births. However, you do not need to choose between the two.

Midwives Operate Alongside Obstetricians

Midwives often operate closely with an OBGYN to ensure nothing goes wrong. The pair works together to ensure you experience the safest pregnancy and birth possible. They will always prioritize the mother’s and baby’s health, no matter what obstacles come up. If you are seeking comprehensive care, working with an OB/GYN and midwife is an excellent choice.

Midwives Are Certified Medical Practitioners

Midwives undergo rigorous post-graduate education to become certified and practice. According to the renowned American Midwifery Certification Board, 12,218 certified nurse-midwives plus 102 certified midwives existed as of February 2019. Make sure you ask a potential midwife to see their credentials. You need your pregnancy and birth to be handled by a medical professional.

Many Insurance Companies Cover Midwife Services

Most insurance companies cover costs associated with midwife services. That benefits both the midwife and the women seeking midwifery services. Costs are reduced for the mother and the midwife is compensated for their services. Speak with your insurance company to find out if you are eligible for coverage, and how much the company will cover.

Your Midwife Will Be Present During Pregnancy and at Birth

A midwife will be there from start to finish. You can develop a deeper relationship with a midwife during a stressful, but beautiful, journey. A good patient-provider relationship has numerous benefits that will increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy and birth. Be honest with your midwife and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident during the process.

Less Likelihood of C-Section

Midwifery operates with the notion of a natural pregnancy and birth process. Therefore, women that opt for midwifery services give birth naturally with fewer medical interventions like induced birth, C-section, or anesthesia. If you are looking for a more natural birth, a midwife can work with you to provide it. However, if you want to use more modern methods alongside a midwife, the choice is entirely up to you.

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