How to Feel Comfortable at Your First OBGYN Visit

How to Feel Comfortable at Your First OBGYN Visit

Going to the gynecologist can be a nerve-wracking experience for any woman, especially if it’s your first time. By the time you reach the age of 13 to 15, girls can start their initial gynecological visits based on ACOG recommendations. Don’t stress when it is time to see the OBGYN. There are ways to feel comfortable during your first visit.

1. Make a List

Write down any questions or concerns you have before your appointment. This will help you remember to bring them up during your conversation with the OBGYN physician.

2. Choose a Physician You’re Comfortable With

You can get referrals from family and friends or research online to find a physician that you feel comfortable with. Once you’ve found someone, schedule a consultation visit before your first appointment to get to know the physician and staff. This will help ease any anxiety you may have about the actual appointment.

3. Come Prepared

When it comes to your first OBGYN visit, being prepared with the proper paperwork and information can help the process go smoothly. Make sure you bring your insurance card, a list of any medications you’re currently taking, and your Identification. In addition, it’s helpful to jot down a summary of your medical history, including any previous surgeries or illnesses.

4. Be Open and Honest

The OBGYN visit is a chance for you to openly discuss any concerns you have about your body and sexual health. It’s important to be honest with your physician so they can provide the best possible care.

5. Arrive a Little Early

Arriving a few minutes early to your appointment will give you some time to fill out any paperwork and get settled in. Give yourself time to chat with the staff and get to know them. This will help you feel more comfortable when it’s time for your actual appointment.

6. Practice Mindful Breathing

If you start to feel anxious or stressed during your appointment, take a few deep breaths. This will help you relax and focus on the task at hand.

Your OBGYN visit should not be a source of anxiety. By preparing ahead of time and keeping an open mind, you can ensure that your first visit is a success. The OBGYN staff is there to help you and make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.