Take Control: How to Get Clear Skin

Take Control: How to Get Clear Skin

It’s no surprise that winter wreaks havoc on our delicate skin. The cold air outside and heat indoors can strip your skin of moisture causing breakouts and dryness. Because of these changes, you may have been trying to figure out you can do to get clear skin. You’ve come to the right place! Take control of your skin’s health with these blemish-busting tips to get clear skin.

How to Get Clear Skin – Follow These Tips:

Always wash your face before bed

If you don’t wash away the day’s grime you’re almost certainly asking for a breakout. Keep cleaning wipes on your nightstand for those nights you are too tired to go to the sink so there’s no excuse!

Don’t wash too quickly

Wash your face for 30-45 seconds—that’s how long it takes to clear dirt and oil off your face.

Don’t pop your pimples

Try to resist popping—we know it’s hard not to! But popping your pimples will only cause inflammation, scarring and more pimples.  Instead, there are products you can use to unclog the pores.

Be calm

Stress can cause breakouts. Stress hormones increase oil production which—you guessed it—leads to clogged pores and whiteheads.  Make an effort to reduce stress in your body and relax. Take a warm bath before bed, exercise or try yoga. Being stress-free will help your skin!

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating will help to remove the layers of dead skin cells and dirt blocking your pores. Look for products with alpha hydroxyl and lactic acids to help bring out your skin’s natural glow. The shower is a great place to exfoliate—the steam helps open pores!

Eat smart to get clear skin

Sometimes, skin impurities are due to digestive problems or poor food choices. Good health and skin starts with good nutrition, so be sure to eat plenty of healthy foods for glowing skin, such as fruits, raw vegetables and fish.


If you hydrate properly, it can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, prevent tightness and dryness and give a softer and more even look to your skin. Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in water – for example, if you weigh 140 pounds, drink at least 70 ounces of water.

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