The Personal Touch of a Midwife Ensures Quality Care

The Personal Touch of a Midwife Ensures Quality Care

Being pregnant is a wonderful life experience. It is an exciting time full of uncertainty and worries regarding your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Many OBGYN services have been expanded to include midwifery. Per the American Midwifery Certification Board, since February 2019 there were up to 102 certified midwives and 12,218 certified nurse-midwives. The industry is now giving you more choices when it comes to your pregnancy.

Choose a Board-Certified Nurse Midwife

There are many reasons to use midwife services. They can help you through every stage of pregnancy for a start. You are assured of the prenatal support and education needed to experience a healthy pregnancy. Utilize the labor and delivery skills of a certified nurse-midwife that has many years of experience offering midwife services.

What Is the Midwifery Model?

Do you know what midwifery care entails? First, it involves a very trusting relationship established between the pregnant person and the provider. Together, they will share important decision-making responsibilities. Additionally, a midwife tends to look at pregnancy and labor as a normal life process rather than a condition that must be managed.

What Exactly Is a Certified Nurse-Midwife?

A CNM, or certified nurse-midwife, is a licensed and certified healthcare practitioner that has been specifically educated in midwifery and nursing. Midwife services offer a personal touch to quality medical care. They help their patients become a much stronger advocate for their own health.

Nurse-midwives are qualified to work in any birth setting including in homes, hospitals, and birth centers. They are also capable of writing prescriptions. When you are looking for primary and reproductive healthcare as well as birthing and prenatal care midwife services are an ideal option.

There Are Many Benefits to Midwife Services

You need guidance during preconception to remain healthy. Midwives will help you think more about the importance of your health before you become pregnant. Their guidance may include the following:

  • Improving Health Habits Before Pregnancy
  • Introducing Approved Exercise Routines
  • Providing Guidelines for a Nutritious Diet
  • Helping You Stop Bad Habits
  • Working to Develop Personalized Birthing Plans

Get the Support You Need During Pregnancy

It’s imperative to know who is capable of giving you the best support before, during, and after your pregnancy. If you are a first-time mother, knowing what you can expect makes pregnancy less stressful. The support a midwife gives includes discussions about your concerns and needs.

They can recommend programs for support, education, and empowerment to better comprehend the emotional and physical journey of pregnancy well into motherhood. You have choices when it comes to alternative birthing. Your midwife will help you determine the ideal labor and delivery setting for you. Some of those topics may include active labor settings including showering, walking, or using a tub during labor.

Your Midwife Will Be Actively Present Through the Birth

It is a beautifully touching experience to bring life into this world. Many families and parents may find labor and delivery stressful and scary. When you use a midwife, you will enjoy additional care such as in-person support for the complete labor process, options for pain relief, and recommendations for position changes that could aid in your delivery process. A midwife is there to guide you throughout the entire birthing process.

Follow-Up Care Is Another Service Provided

Birthing a child is just the beginning. Your midwife is there for you well after the birth of your child too. They can help you create a plan of action that promotes great lifelong care before, during, and after you deliver your child.

Follow-up care includes support for breastfeeding. Your midwife can also refer you to a lactation consultant if you need one. They also provide guidance for newborn care. A certified nurse-midwife is an important part of being able to birth your child at home. Schedule an appointment to speak about midwife services that benefit you.