Understanding Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Understanding Your Pregnancy Week by Week

If you are pregnant, you may be planning your pregnancy week by week and have more and more questions with each new day. What can I eat? Can I workout? Whatever your questions may be, understanding your pregnancy week by week will enable you to make good decisions throughout your entire pregnancy.

What to Expect from Your Pregnancy

Each week of pregnancy brings something new for you and your baby. Find out what to expect:

First Trimester

The first trimester (first three months of pregnancy) will include fast changes for both your baby and you. Your baby will experience rapid growth and development—your baby’s brain, spinal cord and other organs begin to form and their heart will start to beat. Your baby’s fingers and toes begin to take shape during the first trimester.

Your Body: During your first trimester, physical changes may include: breast tenderness, fatigue and nausea. 

Second Trimester

Months four to six is your second trimester. You may feel better than your first and your baby may begin to feel more real. Your baby will be able to move and hear during the second trimester.

Your Body: Signs and symptoms for you may include larger breasts, more belly growth and changes in skin.

Third Trimester

The last few months of your pregnancy can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Your baby will open their eyes and gain weight. By the end of week 37, your baby is considered full term.

Your Body: Signs and symptoms during your third trimester may include backaches, swollen ankles and anxiety.

The Bump.com provides a helpful guide for your pregnancy week by week—your symptoms, important things to remember and your answer to some of your biggest questions. If you want to calculate your due date, read on here.

My OBGyne wants to help you be prepared for what lies ahead with your pregnancy week by week. Make an appointment to talk to one of our physicians to find out what to expect over the 40 weeks of pregnancy and to make sure your experience is as wonderful, stress-free and natural as possible.