What to Expect From Your First Prenatal Care Appointment

What to Expect From Your First Prenatal Care Appointment

You can start your pregnancy journey without keeping your OBGYN practitioner in the loop. For instance, according to the Cleveland clinic, many at-home pregnancy tests are 99% effective. That said, you will still have to involve your doctor at some point. This is where your first prenatal care appointment comes in. Here is what to expect for your first appointment.

A Full Physical Exam

In order to give you personalized prenatal care, your doctor has to perform a comprehensive physical exam. This includes checking your weight and blood pressure, as well as performing a breast and pelvic exam. Additionally, your doctor will require you to take a Pap test and also order some blood work. The Pap test checks for STIs and cervical cancer, while blood work can be used to check for blood-related problems and screen for other diseases that might impact your pregnancy. In order to be thorough, your doctor may also request a urine sample to test for kidney disease, bladder infection, and other issues.

Be Prepared to Provide Information

Your doctor will also want certain information from you that might be pertinent to your situation. For instance, they will want to know about your personal and family medical history to see if there are any health issues that might affect your pregnancy. Your doctor might also want to know about your lifestyle habits that could have any effect on your pregnancy. You may also have to provide information about your diet, exercise, or your ethnic background since this can have an impact on your pregnancy. Be prepared to be open with your personal information as much as possible.

You Also Get to Ask Questions

The most important reminder here is to feel free to talk to your doctor. Have a list of questions prepared so that you walk away from your first prenatal visit with more peace of mind. There is a long list of questions to ask your doctor such as when is the only expected delivery date, what symptoms you should expect, what types of foods to eat, and whether it is safe to exercise. If your doctor has not already prescribed prenatal vitamins or other supplements, you can also ask if you could benefit from taking them. The right doctor for you should patiently consider your questions and provide satisfactory answers.

Knowing what to expect from your prenatal care appointment will help you prepare ahead of time. If you are ready to schedule your first prenatal visit, do not hesitate to contact My OB/Gyne now.