When Can You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?

When Can You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?

So, you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive! You’re probably experiencing so many powerful emotions right now – everything from joy, to worry, to excitement, to fear.

Or maybe you don’t feel much at all because it hasn’t really set in yet.

Either way, it’s totally normal. Pregnancy is different for everyone. But one common denominator seems to be that every newly pregnant woman we meet has a lot of questions. And hey, we get it! Your body is about to experience a lot of change and you’re bringing another human being into this world – it’s a lot!

One of the most  frequently asked questions is, “when can you find out the gender of my baby?” Here’s what you need to know.

When Can You Find Out the Gender of Your Baby?

During the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, at about 18-22 weeks, you will probably be able to find out the gender of your baby. It all depends on the position of the baby and if the technician is able to get a clear view of your baby’s genitals. If at 18 weeks it’s tough to get a clear view, don’t worry! You’ll be able to find out if you have another ultrasound scheduled later in your pregnancy. By 19 or 20 weeks, it becomes much easier to tell whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

There is an exception to waiting until halfway through your pregnancy to find out your baby’s gender. If you became pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF), you’ll have preimplantation genetic testing where your embryos are tested for genetic or chromosomal abnormalities as well as sex. This test is almost 100% accurate in determining the gender of your baby, so you’ll likely know the gender before you’re even pregnant.

What else can you find out during this OB/Gyn visit?

Your mid-pregnancy ultrasound is also known as the “fetal anatomy survey” or the “fetal anomaly screen” or sometimes a level 2 ultrasound.

Aside from potentially learning the sex of your baby, the technician or doctor will also be measuring the size of your baby in comparison to others babies of the same gestational age or they may look at your placenta.

The technician may also look at the baby’s brain, stomach, urinary tract, kidneys, and other internal structures during the ultrasound. Some of the things they will look for during this visit will help them determine specifics about your baby and your pregnancy, and if any special follow up visits are needed.

If post-ultrasound you’re thinking of having a Gender Reveal Party, try one of these simple, classic ideas…

For each of these, have the nurse or doctor write down the gender of your baby on a note and slip it inside an envelope. That way, you and your partner will be surprised, too!

Balloon reveal:

Have a friend or close family member fill a box with helium balloons that are either pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy). When everyone is gathered together at your party, open the box with your partner and watch as the balloons float out, announcing the gender of your precious baby!

Cake cutting reveal:

This one is an oldie but goody. Take the envelope with your baby’s gender to a bakery. Have the baker color the inside of the cake depending on the contents of the envelope (pink or blue). Then, when it’s time for cake at your party, cut into it and be surprised! It’s a classic reveal, and also a delicious one.

Confetti reveal:

This one is great if you have a crafty friend or family member. Have them fill a balloon with either pink or blue confetti, and then, in front of everyone, give it a good pop with a pin. Confetti will burst out revealing the gender of your baby. (We recommend doing this reveal outside or in an area that’s easy to clean up.)

No matter what you decide to do, and no matter what gender your baby is, holding your newborn in your arms will be an experience like no other.

Becoming a mother is a unique experience and every pregnancy is its own journey. Embrace all the moments, big and small. Once your baby arrives life will look very different (in a good way!)

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