DIY Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

DIY Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

Almost all busy moms go through this. You get too busy for beauty. You wake up and immediately hit the ground running. In the daily struggle of trying to manage time between your family and work, there’s little to no time for yourself. Until now!

We’ve rounded up 6 DIY beauty tips to simplify your life and allow you some ‘me’ time!

Use a tinted moisturizer

Using a tinted moisturizer with SPF turns three steps into one. It’s a lot faster than applying foundation—apply it with your fingers the way you would with your moisturizer.

Use eye cream

Not getting enough sleep takes a heavy toll on our eyes, but sometimes short or sleepless nights are unavoidable. If that’s the case, ditch the dark circles and arm yourself with a good eye cream. It will help you wake up with bright, beautiful and fresh eyes.

Refresh your hair quickly with dry shampoo

If you don’t have time to jump into the shower you can fight oily hair with a dry shampoo. It not only zaps oil but will give you that extra oomph into otherwise flat strands.

Look polished in less than 5 minutes

Get a beautiful, fresh face in just 5 minutes! Here’s all you need: concealer, tinted moisturizer, mascara, a bit of blush and lip gloss. Done!

Embrace messy hair

Don’t worry about perfecting every strand of hair each morning. Messy is sexy—embrace messy hair!  It’s easier and takes way less time. Mess is more! Try these messy hair looks.

Sneak in fitness

Exercise will help you look and feel great, and will help you start the day strong. Sneak in some fitness as you get ready for the day. Do a few squats or leg lifts while you brush your teeth or make lunches for your kids.

Before you hit the ground running, take a few minutes to yourself. Try these 6 DIY beauty tips to help you get ready quickly and look your best!

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