Welcome Dr. George Figueroa

Welcome Dr. George Figueroa

Did you know we now have TWO amazing physicians on our team?

In 2014, My OBGyne welcomed the newest addition to our team, Dr. George Figueroa.

Dr. Figueroa has lived in the Phoenix area since 2006, and during that time has provided hundreds of patients with personalized, compassionate care.

Dr. Butler-Poku and Dr. Figueroa have worked together previously, and now that they are working alongside one another again, they are both very excited for the opportunity to join forces and provide San Tan residents the high level of quality care they are both accustomed to offering!

Dr. Figueroa background includes a specialization in minimally invasive procedures, such as the da Vinci surgical system, and he hopes to provide this unique and beneficial service, along with general gynecological and obstetric care to our patients.

Learn more about Dr. George Figueroa’s experience and history here!