How to Overcome Doctor’s Office Anxiety

How to Overcome Doctor’s Office Anxiety

For some women, heading to the obgyn office can involve anxiety, even if you found one that you trust. This anxiety or concern can often result in women not going to the doctor. According to the LA Times, one in three women said they had not had a routine gynecological exam in the past year. About 16% said they had not had an exam in the last two years. Here are some tips that will help you overcome the anxiety of going to the doctor.

Let Your Doctor Know

We all have different definitions of what the best obgyn is. When one doctor makes you feel anxious, consider trying a new one. It can take a few practitioners to find one you feel comfortable with. Telling the doctor you’re nervous about the visit can help a lot. Your doctor will take extra time and care to ensure you feel comfortable. They’ll encourage you to ask questions and may only complete procedures and exams once you’re comfortable with them. When you communicate with your doctor, they can help address concerns.

Understand the Routine

Not knowing what will happen can instantly cause anxiety. Ask the doctor’s office what procedures will be performed at the appointment. Take the time to look up the purpose behind the procedure and how it can benefit you. Knowing what to expect can instantly help you feel better about heading to the obgyn.

Bring Support (If Possible)

Bringing someone with you can instantly make you feel more comfortable. Most healthcare providers permit patients to bring a friend or family member into the exam room with them. However, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask your healthcare provider if this is okay.

Calming Techniques

Utilizing calming techniques can help soothe you during an appointment. You can bring a book or magazine to read in the waiting room. Listening to soothing music through headphones or deep breathing techniques are also great ideas.

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Posted August 8, 2023